Favourite Characters in The Beano


@foppyish asked where my name came from. It is a play on Billy Whizz from The Beano.

Incidentally, my favourite strip was Crazy for Daisy. Here’s a chance for some of you to show your age.


Was a big Numbskulls fan personally.


I used to like Rodger the dodger. But they are all little shits in retrospect


hello there willy jizz


It’s odd how that essentially got made into a massive Pixar film


used to fancy minnie the minx
bash street kids was definitely the best though


He was a bit of a wily cunt in hindsight, you have to feel for the parents


Always used to read Dennis The Menace first followed by Bash Street Kids…


rich uncle skeleton


alaways liked roger the dodger


Roger the Dodger

Also, Beano>Dandy


Bash Street Kids and Rodger.


didn’t know anyone who actually read the dandy when i was a kid, reckon it was bought entirely by middle aged nerds


I used to read Buster more than the Beano though.

Faceache was my favourite character.



If I was ill, I would get the Dandy as well as the Beano, but it paled in significance really. Desperate Dan was OK I suppose. You had to suspend your disbelief a bit when he ate those massive pies, whereas the Beano was gritty realism, all misbehaving kids and talking animals


Actually the animals didn’t talk, did they


There was a kid called Joe King at my school, ah the bants we had


Bash Street Kids/Softy Walter


Calamity James


if you dont say roger the dodger you are cut off