Favourite Christmas Songs

So which Christmas songs do you actually like? Do you have a particular favourite festive themed album? Do you somehow manage to avoid hearing any Yuletide hits?

I tend to listen to this every couple of days over the festive period to fend off my inner Grinch:

What about you?


I don’t want a lot for Christmas; there is just one thing I need…



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It’s tough to match that cheesy brilliance :smiley:

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It’s weird how the canon of Christmas songs just stopped in the mid-90s isn’t it? I mean, I can’t think of a big Christmas song that’s later than Stay Another Day (which was 1994 I think). That one by The Darkness definitely doesn’t count; I guess Baby It’s Cold Outside (Tom Jones and Cerys Matthews) counts but then that’s a cover. Death of the charts / death of TOTP / advent of X-Factor etc / death of Christmas #1s?

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The Darkness track was the last one that I can recall really topping the charts? And apparently it didn’t even reach number one. And since then the only vaguely Christmassy number one was Band Aid 20 in 2004.

Looking back over the years, it doesn’t seem like an out and out Christmas tune was guaranteed a number one:

The last 15 years’ Christmas numbers have either been as a result of either (a) the X Factor, (b) charity or © some anti-X Factor internet campaign. (Though does Mad World fit in with this? Can’t remember why this ended up #1).

I think Mad World was one of those weirdly rare moments when a song ended up as Christmas number 1 because it was actually popular.

The cover by Michael Andrews and Gary Jules was the version used in Donnie Darko and the soundtrack had not long been released; that might possibly explain high charting position?

sharing this again from two christmases ago, then

loads off the top of my head that aren’t on there. and some that have been deleted.


This is great thanks! I was going to compile whatever was posted into a Spotify playlist.

A Charlie Brown Christmas is the best.

We’ll spin the She & Him Christmas album too. Also the Bob Dylan one (though it does contain some absolute atrocities). And a King’s College classic carol job. That’s yer lot.

I still marvel at the ‘Must be Santa’ video, it’s a source of constant amusement:


it’s just brilliant, love it :slight_smile:

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Christmas in Harlem - Kanye West

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It’s the wig that gets me every time :grinning:

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Someone get that man a Nobel Prize!

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Yasss! I couldn’t think of many hip hop ones besides this and this: