Favourite Coen brothers movie?

It’s No Country for Old Men for me, Clive.

Also, it’s far from being my favourite, but Burn After Reading is much better than it’s given credit for.

Didn’t like Fargo the film but weirdly enjoyed the series despite Tim from The Office and his constant gurning.

Thought Bridge of Spies was cinematically impressive, but Rylance basically put in a great performance rather than it being a great film.

Miller’s Crossing’s bang average and the Big Lebowski’s for teenagers, so i guess by default it has to be No Country For Old Men, but again it’s a film completely dependent on one standout performance (Bardem).

Fargo. It might be my favourite film ever.

Even the ones I haven’t enjoyed at first I’ve ended up liking though (apart from the Ladykillers) - I thought Intolerable Cruelty was awful first time I saw it, and love it now.

old man country

i’ve actually gone off coen bros films quite a bit. used to be into them, now can’t imagine wanting to watch most of them.

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O brother where art thou is my favourite, watched Fargo again recently and enjoyed it a lot as well.

Big lebowski is too beloved by people I don’t like for me to get on board with. No country for old men wasn’t for me, I’ll never understand how it beat There will be blood to the Oscar

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Serious man for me I think

Shoukd revisit some really

You are a wrongun

Would that it’were so simple

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Miller’s Crossing

Millers Crossing
Barton Fink

No Country.

Millers Crossing then Raising Arizona

enjoyed most of them, llewyn davis is the least detached seeming and also my favourite though
followed by fargo, serious man, hudsucker proxy

Barton Fink

Fargo. With a special mention to Barton Fink. The first time I saw it, I thought WTF, then I watched it again. I loved it. The difference being my age, I think.

I actually really liked Intolerable Cruelty when it came out, but it’s pretty far from their best.

Going to go for The Big Lebowski and O Brother Where Art Thou, but that’s probably because I haven’t seen Fargo since 1997 and I really should watch it again. Also never seen Barton Fink which is just stupid of me.

Would also give credit to Burn After Reading for being really, really funny.

Millers Crossing.

“Nobody knows anybody. Not that well.”

No Country
Barton Fink
Hudsucker Proxy
Miller’s Crossing
A Serious Man
Burn After Reading
True Grit

They are the ones I’d rate 8/10 or above. The rest are not entirely to my taste. Particularly O Brother, which I think is shite.

  1. The Big Lebowski - The most purely enjoyable of their films for me, absolutely love every single thing about it.
  2. Fargo - Probably their “best” as opposed to my favourite
  3. A Serious Man - The one I revisit the most after Lebowski and Fargo
  4. Barton Fink - Love it even more now it has Hail Caesar as a counterpart to it
  5. No Country For Old Men - The most physically-tense sequences I can remember in recent cinema history

^^^ Any of the above would probably be my favourite film by 95% of filmmakers ^^^

Beyond that: The Hudsucker Proxy > Burn After Reading > Hail Caesar > Miller’s Crossing > Inside Llewyn Davis > The Man Who Wasn’t There > True Grit > Raising Arizona > Blood Simple > O Brother Where Art Thou? >>>>>>>> Intolerable Cruelty > The Ladykillers

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Yeah that’s probably my top 5 too just slightly different order

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