Favourite Come Dine With Me episodes and memories

Jenna from Perth. She was a fucking horrible, spoilt pain in the arse.

Elephant in the room, sorry


Remember one in Aberdeen with a man called Bob Calder cause every night when they arrived at the house he introduced himself to them all with his full name.

Did anyone have either of the DVDs? The guy who went on about his morning routine - “I get up, crap, have a fag, crap, have another crap, then go to work” - and how he once “projectile crapped” at work is easily the greatest.

This amazing woman and her insanely chaotic energy:


In that episode, it’s the other 2 I felt quite bad for. The man with the infamous speech kept dismissing one of them as stupid because she was blonde and smiley and put both of them down as “not really trying”.

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He was horrific throughout, I think that’s why it was so satisfying to not only lose but completely shit himself and become a national joke as a result

The one I always remember was the guy who had a bright yellow Ferarri but was the world’s most boring man, he would talk over everyone with the dullest shit imaginable. On about day 3 he went droning on about some obscure piece of James Bond trivia and the rest of the table were wetting themselves laughing while he carried on regardless :smiley:

The Alan Sugar teddy bear one. Has anyone said that yet?

Or when David Gest wheeled out a very old and confused Mickey Rooney for a “surprise” for everyone.

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Or when Peter Stringfellows sink collapsed.

(I am trying to find footage of these but can’t)

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Didn’t realise @Epimer was a smoker.

He apparently does everything he can to stop it being re-broadcast. Bit for that now.

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I remember one lad had the guy who played Jimmy Corkhill act as a waiter

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The Stringfellow week was madness. Lovely Abi Titmuss seemed so nice, she served an amazing bottle of wine because the blokes had been banging on about it and they still complained.