Favourite Curse

Dad’s Army?

When one of my German pals was getting married, she said she had to go to the church to “take a curse”. At first people thought she got the word for curse and oath mixed up, but it turns out she meant a course in the church’s teachings.

I thought you would enjoy this anecdote.


Béla Guttmann

my least favourite is the curse of the plum slate not quite covering the area in the front garden resulting in me needing to purchase a further 1.2 tonnes to complete the job

That is definitely top five for me.

You thought wrong!

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Was a big fan of the Tutankhamen/Pharaoh’s Curse when I was younger, Howard Carter n all that. I remember reading a very convincing account of what befell those who dared to defile the ancient tomb. Was all bollocks though, right?

I also like the Demon Curse in Night Of The Demon.


A plague on both your houses!

[Not really. It’s actually cockcheese]

kennedy curse is good
assad curse
king tut is best, didn’t it also sink the titanic or some shit