Favourite 'Deep Cuts' from Pop Records

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Fantastically horrible song about Gary Barlow (edit: it’s not about Gary Barlow it’s about Nigel Martin Smith)

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Two from Kylie’s Impossible Princess:

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Weirdly thought of Rachel Steven when I clicked on the thread. This one is a belter, bit of a sad banger as well which is obviously the greatest kind of pop tune.

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It’s a really good album thats why :slight_smile:

Who wants to make a playlist of these then

Currently without Spotify (using Tidal) probs best someone with the Spotify does :slight_smile:

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oh yes! and speaking of Kylie, this one is a personal favourite:

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B I G tune.

How do we feel about the New Radicals being classed as pop? Seem pretty pop to me. The whole of their one and only album is great, this one is totally emotional

Also this one is more ludicrously titled brilliance

This is my favourite Carly Rae song. Thank you for sharing it with more people.


In a similar vein:

Also could go for Girl Overboard, No Regrets, Love Is Pain and many more too.

Models, Deadlines and Diets, Live in the Country, Control of the Knife… astonishing band

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not a problem - it’s so good isn’t it?