Favourite drummers


Who are your favourite drummers?

I’m not sure who my favourite drummer is but just listening to the early Bad Seeds albums again where Mick Harvey was still doing a lot of the drumming and I really like his style. Not technically perfect but nice little off kilter rhythms and gives them a proper battering.

Lets keep the Creep jokes to a minimum please.


John Bonham. all day, every day



yer man Blakey



Whichever Brian it is that plays the drums in Lightning Bolt.


Ginger Baker


Pietro Valentine


Stephen Morris


For a fairly whiny/folky band I’ve always enjoyed how much the drummer in the Rural Alberta Advantage beats the shit out of his drums


always liked Loz Colbert from Ride. Also Stewart Copeland


Valentina Magaletti
Janet Weiss
Sara Lund
John Stanier


Ben Koller


Janet Weiss

Every time


John Stanier was the other one I had in mind. seems like a weird angry man but if that’s what makes his drumming so intense then so be it.


Second Ben Koller.



Jimmy Chamberlain :heart:



Jim White


My top 5 would probably be;

Buddy Rich
Terry Bozzio
Lars Ulrich
Ginger Baker
Mike Portnoy


Yer man Ian Chang from Son Lux. Live, especially, woof.


Jaki Liebzeit

Bill Ward

Steve Morris


Janet Weiss
Meg White
Karl Burns
Tony Allen