Favourite elements of the Wild West thread

The whole rush thing. No slow walkers to deal with in the Wild West. No, sirree!

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Lighting your cheroot by striking a match on your boot

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Maybe an opossum is just a possum in a cowboy hat?


Only speaking in vowels and swear words.

Drinking straight bourbon out of a dirty glass

What’s oppposum? Nothing, what’s opposum with you?


Entire town closing up so two angry lads can have a shootout on the main street

the riff at 1:19 on this:

A hotel on a roundabout near an industrial estate is the best western


did you think it was a real cowboy


Just an unusually hairy cowboy


The rhythm of the theme to The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

da dada da dada da dada da dada da dada da dada da dada da dada

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A few years ago I won free tickets to see this lot. Was good fun

Yes! Out of tune saloon pianos, especially if they are of the player piano variety.


I love the wild west scene in The Lego Movie where there’s a pianola playing Everything Is Awesome :smiley:


Calling people “pardner”

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Another vote for the wild west women with their corsets and boobs
Gunslingers doing ‘what a man has to do’
Stray cattle that need lassoing
Spitoons that make a dinging noise
The town undertaker with his tape measure at the ready


The big old steam trains

NOT those things with the see-saw mechanism, that two men power along the tracks. Not those.

Horses hitched up on a post by a trough of water. Gotta be having little chats there, haven’t they? Kike, complaining about their stupid cowboy riders and stuff.

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