Favourite eras for different genres of music [MTftSB]

Dance music - 90s, obviously. Jazz - 50s.

Hip hop - now? Think there’s more interesting, experimental, political hip hop than ever before and the mainstream seems to have got the formula for making bangers absolutely down pat.


Classical - 1810s.


Ambient - whenever

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Rock music in general: 1967 - 1972 - the golden age of psychedelia.

Prog rock: 1972 - 1977

Jazz: Yeah, it’s the 50s, isn’t it.

Hip-hop is 93-96. Height of East Coast production.
Dance is late 90s
Drum & Bass is maybe 95-98
Ambient/Techno is 94-97

Think that’s probably all the genres.

I think you’ll find it’s 94-97

Circa 1996-99 looks like a truly golden era.

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Think Hip-Hop’s highs now are as good as it’s ever been but still can’t beat the early nineties for consistently fucking amazing records. East-coast boom-bap is still my favourite sound but you had the Native Tongues in full swing, G-Funk on it’s way up etc etc. Not a chance the modern day can hold a candle to the golden age.

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Gabber - 1992 to 1998


94 and 97 are my top top years for music so I need you to shift the golden age two years to the left please.

I think maybe you’re right in terms of classic albums, but really they need time to develop - will be interesting to see how the current crop is regarded in 20 years.


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I reckon you can basically use Wu-Tang’s first two albums to book-end the golden era.

Punk: 1976/77

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Thanks man, appreciate your efforts as keeper of the golden era

I’m in agreement with you that there is a fucktonne of really interesting stuff coming out these days though, it’s comfortably the most forward-looking genre in music, constantly moving and evolving but it always has been. The variety of sounds in the late-80’s and early 90’s is insane considering it can all be blanketed under one genre.

dunno man, levels of misogyny are still pretty bad…

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bedwetting indie - mid-late 80s.

Depends where you’re looking doesn’t it. They’re still bad in some places for sure but it suffers from people blanketing more than any other genre, nobody will point to Cabbage as an indication of guitar-music’s wider misogyny problem will they

I was talking more sonically forward thinking than socially anyway (not that it means that the social side isn’t important obvs)

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