Favourite examples of branded pub ware

Stella chalice for me, Clive. Just satisfying to hold.

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Ah man, I got a load of those from Sainsbury’s for free a few years back - something to do with Wimbledon. My utter cunt of a housemate broke every single one of them, because he was a cunt. Fuck I hated that guy.

Who’s buying Stella in a pub?

Living alone can be tough, eh?

Kind of gasping for one now after looking at the photo of the glass, tbh.

Nicked a couple of these when I was in Hackney cos they reminded me of Rihanna and Drake.

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I’ll see your Stella Chalice and raise you a Kwak glass and holder. So gloriously ridiculous.


May have asked this before but anyone remember the Stella tower? You would get four pints in it and a little tap at the bottom and take it to your table. Maybe just after the turn of the willennium? Great to have with a couple packets of white dog poo.


Like getting pissed in a chemistry lesson.


I wasn’t livi…OH YOU

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Should’ve kept them in your room after the first breakage or two.

Have about 5 of those veltins Steiners that were doing the rounds in the late 00s

It used to be the prize for the bonus round at the pub quiz we went to - you got one of those and a short glass each and had to see how much of it you could drink in a couple of minutes (they kept making it shorter).

The limiting factor was always how gassy it was, so I was a real asset to our team because I had absolutely no shame in burping loudly in front of the whole pub.

When I used to work in a pub, this Kopparberg ice bucket was a game changer. Solid handles, separate bucket to empty the melted ice, lovely colour scheme as well. 8/10.

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Singha do this. Had one in a thai place in Oxford. Wasn’t worth it.

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That looks like a small amount of liquid. Yeah they were pretty shit especially as it was usually four of us having one so we could just have bought four pints. However we felt as though we were at the vanguard of innovation; bright young things drinking Stella with the world at our feet.


I want a beer

I had some stella on a plane the other day. It was really really bad. How come 2000ish me didn’t notice how bad it was.

I like an Erdinger glass. Full or half pint – both cute.

I’ve got one of them. It’s so impractical that it’s in the back of a cupboard somewhere. I didn’t really rate Kwak beer either.