Favourite fast recipes (or the fancy WFH lunch idea share thread)

been doing miso noodle soups pretty regularly recently.

Kettle on, chop some veg (yesterday was a bit of cabbage and some shitakes), noodles in the pan, fry the veg while the noodles cook, rest of the boiling water straight in the bowl with some miso paste. chop up some chilli, spring onion, coriander. Drain the noodles and bung everything into the miso broth. Maybe fry an egg or stick a bit of tofu in there as well. 8 minutes start to finish, a spectacular quick lunch imo.

What have you been cooking quickly recently please

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Mushrooms on toast

Chop /slice mushrooms
Sauté with herbs of choice
Add creme fraiche, lemon juice and mustard to taste

Put it on some toast

Can add garlic and/or chilli if you like but that’s more chopping


Yes! Been a while since I’ve had mushrooms on toast. Might have this today. Think I’ve got some boursin to hoy in there

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Using microwave rice I reckon chicken fried rice takes me 10 minutes all in now.

This sounds good but definitely too long for a wfh lunch

I don’t think I’d ever read the recipe for that before and saw all those steps. didn’t realise they were doing so much.

cook pasta
fry puree and paste
add pasta to puree and paste
grate cheese on top

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This almost makes me wish I liked mushrooms.

Garlic shouldn’t be optional though.


Nobody puts garlic in the corner

You could replace the mushrooms with courgette ribbons I suppose

Big into courgette ribbons atm (NOT spiralised)

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I think that recipe would work really well with smoked mackerel in the place of mushrooms :thinking: