Favourite Food/Product Mascot


The categories are Animal/Human or equivalent/Monster or Robot

Animal - Vinnie the panda
Human - Don Limpio
Monster/Robot - Michelin Man


Animal - Andrex puppy
Human - Gavin from Autoglass?
Monster/Robot - Kool Aid Man


great shout.


Tony the Tiger seems a decent sort.


Something I think about a lot is the person on here who sings “Water on my hair, water on my face” to the “Autoglass repair, Autoglass replace” jingle when in the shower.





I think about it a lot.


not to get all theo here, but wtf does ‘Tayto your only man’ mean?


Human - the safestyle Windows man with the strange clothes who says ‘I said you buy one you get one free’ a lot


Muller rice MC hammer dancing bear


while inexplicably pushing down racks of windows.


genuinely hate the safestyle trollman



‘Your only man’ is a positive statement, often used by Irish politicians at election time. If I was to say "Aggpass, your only man’ I’d be implying he’s the only man for the job.


I my head he was wearing a ruff


miss when Martin Kemp sold sofas.


You’d be implying bloody right, and all


Animal - Freddo the Frog
Human - Captain Birdseye (old school guy with bushy white beard, no modern reboots tolerated
Monster/ Robot - Smash robots


Gary lineker


That’s also clearly an empty frame