Favourite foreign idioms

The girl I’m on off with surprised me recently when she said she’s looking forward to ‘‘stealing horses’’ with me. Funny Germans.

The Swedish ‘‘sliding in on a prawn sandwich’’ is equally pleasing.

Got any favourite foreign idioms?

I like ‘de Guatemala a Guatapeor’ - “From Guata-bad to Guata-worse”

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“Piece of cake” in French is “doigt dans le pif”- finger in your nose!

‘Als mijn tante een piemel had, dan was het m’n oom geweest’

If …

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I’ve mentioned it a few times on here when we’ve done this thread before, but mine is the Japanese phrase “mekuso hanakuso wo warau” = eye bogies laughing at nose bogies = the pot calling the kettle black

There’s no cow on the ice (det är ingen ko på isen) This is a roundabout Swedish way of saying, quite simply, ’ don’t worry’ or ‘take it easy’ .

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I will now fulfill our legal obligation for these threads even though its “not my circus, not my monkeys”.