Favourite geographical phenomena

I have done a tour round Pompeii where we were cheerfully informed that if Versuvius erupted none of us would be able get out of there before the wall of death hit us.


So far

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Went to Kilauea on Hawai’i about 15 years ago. Went to a lava flow making its way to the sea, poked the lava with a stick. Walked across an older flow that had solidified and saw glowing lava through a crack in the ground. One of the best experiences of my life.




Ooh I love a good protalus rampart me

Nimbus clouds

I do hope that tour guide was able to produce some evidence to verify that hard-to-believe claim.

Ice Cavern

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Does the sea count as a geographical phenomenon? If so then that. Like a bit of sea.

No idea but the roads round there are narrow and twist through mountains or so it seemed, and we arrived on a coach so I presume it was a question of the practicality of us all trying to run through the fairly treacherous smooth stone roads of the site then getting into a vehicle and away. Vs the speed it could reach us.

I don’t know much about these things but I think the heat wall moves pretty fast?

Oh @1101010

Dykes, obviously

I love a valley. U shaped and V shaped are great, but give me a Hanging valley any day. Love a hanging valley. Good one on Arran actually.


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Love an erratic as well. Weird boulder in the middle of nowhere? That’s an erratic

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Came on here to say hanging valleys.

Now I’m going to have to use my backup option of corrie



Found glaciers incredibly boring to learn about, but they make a good landscape. Love a good cirque.


quite like mountains

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Apparently certain types of eruptions (including the one that fucked Pompeii) produce a wall of hot gas and dust called a pyroclastic flow. Travels between 100 and 700kmh, so depends on the coach I guess.


The thing about ice dropping in water on one side of the world making the water rise on the other side

Post-glacial features are a GBOGP.


@rich-t is the hanging valley you’re talking about the one to the right of Cir Mhor in my second shot? It’s a beauty. Might have a better photo of that somewhere


Naturally occuring nuclear reactor!