Favourite Hairy Biker

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my mate Andy

I chose the one with a kinder face

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My Dad has their pie book, reckon he’s never made a pie out of it.

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From a recipe in the book, not out of the book itself before you start

same, and then I felt bad

it’s weird that there’s such a thing as a kind face

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I judge by expressions a lot, it’s quite foolish. Today in waitrose the lady at the bakery scowled at me becsuse I took my time on the phone mid-order which is fair enough but in that moment I was all :rage::rage::skull: but then she smiled at me and made small talk and I was all :sparkling_heart::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::sparkles:

Inside though, outwardly :neutral_face:

Si is a very attractive man

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another stunning Antony Gormley work


wow the hairy bikers look old now :frowning:

I’d definitely have to say Scott

Dislike both of them. Reckon they’re qanon type guys

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I think they’re both lovely lads. Always seem really genuine when they meet people on their travels.

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They reckon you’re a silly goose.

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2nd one is trying too hard.

Interesting fact:

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Nah, a couple of Pratchetts at worst