Favourite hangover meals


What are your favourite meals you make for yourself when you’re hungover and drgaf? Of course, it may be a stretch to describe it as a ‘meal’.

I used to love a super noodle sandwich, with one slice of cheap white bread folded on in itself filled with chicken flavoured noodles. Repeated as many times as necessary, before drinking the noodle juice straight out of the bowl afterwards. Just something so soothing about a carb sandwich, followed by a wank and a nap.


bacon sandwich with a hash brown in the middle, orange juice, water, painkillers and maybe a tea.




Mac n cheese is pretty good




Pizza or a veggie breakfast


Biggest fry up possible. Cheers.


no mate.


Crisp salad? 2 (or more) different flavours of crisp in a bowl.


2 x fried eggs on toast, runny yolk, lots of salt, pepper and HP.


Always crave spicy food when hungover so it’s typically a curry.


Pizza is the obvious one, or a takeaway curry

quite fond of getting a tin of chili (or leftover homemade if I have some) slathering it over oven chips, with a load of cheese on top


Proper fry up with plenty of grease. Bacon, sausages, fried bread, black pudding, beans, tinned tomatoes, eggs - the works. Orange juice and/or orange Lucozade.

2 or 3 bacon, sausage and cheese oatcakes did the trick nicely at uni though. Wish oatcakes were a thing outside of the Potteries.

(Really want some fried bread and black pudding now)


Absolutely this, onion bhajis a must.


2 pints of coke
2 pints of coffee


Could have done with this conversation last week!




Does no-one have any disgustingly inventive concoctions? When you can’t be bothered to leave the house and go to the shop




Baked eggs with hickory baked beans, cheddar & seeded sourdough.