Favourite Loose Woman

  • Kaye Adams
  • Colleen Nolan
  • Stacey Solomon
  • Charlene White
  • Janet Street-Porter
  • Nadia Sawalha
  • Carol McGiffin
  • Jane Moore
  • Andrea McLean
  • Linda Robson
  • Denise Welch
  • Ruth Langsford
  • Christine Lampard
  • Gloria Hunniford
  • Wouldn’t know

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Stacey Solomon has the whitest teeth I’ve ever seen on a human

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Used to proper fancy Lynda Bellingham when I was about 14.


Rylan says hi

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Stacey’s amazing. Built an entire career off people thinking she was a ditzy Essex girl, booking her on stuff to undermine and make fun of her, and then baited-and-switched to being an actually great presenter/talking head/media type.


Something something Bournemouth

*sunny sunny Bournemouth

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Bournemouth is SO bracing

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Tell you what, I remember the first winter living in Norfolk after having grown up on the south coast. Bloody hell, Bournemouth is like Marbella in comparison

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Well I’ve been to South Shields in January!

Christ, the North Sea is the most metal of seas.

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Ava Addams for sure.

??? Judi Love!

Yeah she comes home after loose women telling me all sorts of stories


But seriously I don’t watch it


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Oh yeah, damn

I Googled “Loose Women presenters” and she’s not in that list that comes up

Rebecca Loos

I can’t stand loose women. Awful TV.


Stacy Solomon seems alright, but it’s an absolute bin fire of a show. Foul right wing trash.


The only thing I can ever remember seeing on there was years ago and Jane MacDonald said something about closing the borders and the audience all whooped and stood up and cheered.

It’s the level of inane chit chat that demands its immediate cancellation.

‘Would you tell your child if their breath smelled?’