Favourite low budget music videos


What are your favourite music videos that look like they were made on a shoestring? Where a really compelling idea does more than a big budget ever can?


Still LOVE this:

Calvin could demand a ridiculous budget these days :grinning:


Avril - Like Everybody Else


Love this


Budget was pretty low for this one id imagine


anything off channel u that was filmed in a carpark or park circa 2005

actually, remember that n dubz one when they outdid everyone else by having a tank and two staffies going after each other?


i didn’t make this up. came out in 2006.

recording studio :heavy_check_mark:
photography studio :heavy_check_mark:
middle of the street :heavy_check_mark:
club scene :heavy_check_mark:
bonus hot tub :heavy_check_mark:



A brilliant Camera Obscura song.





I don’t think I even paid for the beers for our mates who starred in it when making this video, tbh.




Always liked/never understood this one. Shot by the famous German photographer Wolfgang Tillmans. Basically a video of rats on the underground.


Goblin Cock - Stumped. Can’t have cost much. Fucking belter of a tune. Blew my mid at the time. Stoner Pinback!


80 English pounds


made for free on tour


My absolute favourite video ever. I fucking love it.