Favourite McGann brother

Joe all the way. For some reason 8 year old me loved The Upper Hand.


Don’t know who they are but Paul looks kind.

I voted for the one who I’ve heard of


They all got to star as brothers in a BBC drama once. Never saw it.

Interesting you’ve all got hard-ons for Paul

Paul, Joe and perhaps Stephen all look like naff Richard E Grant lookalikes.

ha ha I made the joke


That is an interesting assertion given Paul’s film credits

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Still got no idea who they are tbh

Paul McGann was in Withnail and I with Richard E Grant


Ah, I see. I’ve seen bits of that.

It’s good but I remember the first time I watched it I was completely befuddled by the pacing, which to a mind raised on more action-packed films (Rush Hour 2, for example) felt absolutely deathly. Now I’m older all time feels wrong anyway, so it doesn’t matter as much.


Which one was in one of the Alien films? Was that Paul?

EDIT: Yes it was:

I’m now imagining that Withnail was Paul mcGanns ‘Tyler Durden’ in that film :thinking:


It was catching Withnail & I on Channel 4 one night in my teens and finding the scene where Paul McGann is shaving in the bath in utter squalor incomprehensibly erotic that made me realise I rather liked boys as well as girls. Beyond that it’s simply one of the best movies ever made.


That is a really sexy scene and he’s frankly gorgeous throughout, that fucking hair!

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There’s a case to be made for this reading

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I didn’t know there was a Stephen McGann.

I only know Joe from Hollyoaks but he is also a massive TERF on twitter I think