Favourite McGann brother

Doctor Who innit


no not that

I wish that after Paul mcGanns reappearance as the doc that they had done at least a new mini series of him with competent writers and directors.
Poor lad never had a chamce

There’s only that Night if the Doctor one basically

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McGanns Doctor vs Richard E Grants ‘Great Intelligence’
would have been pure GOLD.


It’s the secret booster. Withnail & I is such an obvious choice.

I thought all of the Mcgann brothers were good in ‘The Hanging Gale’.

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Ah yes, that’s what I was thinking of.

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Are there any acting siblings where at least two of them got pretty equally the most famous?

Feel like Charlie Sheen always edged Emilio out to a degree, although I prefer Estevez.

The Olsen twins and their other sister.

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Hmm, yeah, twins sort of invalidates it and yeah, now MCU Olsen is the clear huge name. How the tides turn…

Olivia de Havilland and Joan Fontaine.

A little more erm contemporary there’s the Mara’s and Fanning’s.


He’s in Call The Midwife. I didn’t know there was a Mark McGann. What a thread this is.

Had no idea they were siblings!

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What about this

Paul McGann’s wife was one of my university lecturers. He came to an event I helped organise once, nice fella.


Hmm. Trying to weigh these two up is tough but I like your notion.

What do you mean? It’s not a joke!!1

Nah I mean I’m trying to compare a guy in a hit ITV show that I loathe for being mindless weekend TV fodder, but as I say undeniably popular…Vs a guy who did an amazingly huge song and a resoected album I’ve never heard but I really have no time for his level of perfectionism so I sort of have him in the ‘massive cock end’ box.

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