Favourite method of sealing bags with food in them



No need to complain about the resealants the pasta and rice conglomerates give us. What do you use instead.

Fold and hope?
Those long clippy things from Ikea?
Bulldog clip?

I am a fan of the last two.


Please don’t bring @Clippy into this…


Clippy things all the way pal, they are perfect at performing the task they’re designed for


Who do you suspect? For me it is probably @colon_closed_bracket


I wish they came in packets of long.


I’d say @Aggpass you know.



I agree with this although I occasionally find a purpose for the short and medium ones


ccb was Jamie Oliver I think




tupperware isn’t it. get the bags to fuck.


Really?! I thought he was better than that :pensive:


I dunno man, it’s your kind of level.


Crazy talk, japes.

Go home for the rest of the day. Tell your boss I said it’s ok.


really, really angry about/for this


bought a whole stack of them for a fiver. I’m up to my balls in the things.

everything goes in one: rice, cheese, leftovers. EVERYTHING


i thought that they were all ccb!?!


Who is @StaceySolomon?


mon dieu!


ho is @razorlit?