Favourite motorway (UK)

  • M1
  • M2
  • M3
  • M4
  • M5
  • M6
  • M6 Toll
  • M8
  • M11
  • M18
  • M20
  • M23
  • M25
  • M26
  • M27
  • M32
  • M40
  • M42
  • M45
  • M48
  • M49
  • M50
  • M53
  • M54
  • M55
  • M56
  • M57
  • M58
  • M60
  • M61
  • M62
  • M65
  • M66
  • M67
  • M69
  • M73
  • M74
  • M77
  • M80
  • M90
  • M180
  • M181
  • M275
  • M602
  • M606
  • M621
  • M876
  • M898
  • M1 (NI)
  • M2 (NI)
  • M3 (NI)
  • M5 (NI)
  • M12 (NI)
  • M22 (NI)

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M6 toll (tory option) work pay for it, it’s great never any police

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who gives a shit


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Thread’s already a farce

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M4 it is

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Why do English people love talking about motorways and services so much?

best motorway in england mate.

which one goes to London?

don’t make me tap the sign.

It’s not even the best motorway in London

i think they all do?

a14 is the worst road in the uk by the way.

which one did I go on to London I wonder, that’s the only one I know

they say you never forget your first motorway

Helps them forget they’re living in a Tory hellscape for a few precious minutes

my local road is the A45

M6 toll always empty. Was a massive fan of the split on the M5 at the junction for Portishead, I think it’s Portishead but, they fucked it when they changed it so the 4 lanes go to 3 lanes with the fastest lane going into the 3rd lane. Always a queue these days, bastards.

Have you been on it since the works finished? It’s basically fine now.

Would have smashed that like button six months ago though.

It’s not too bad now they’ve got the new bit open between Huntingdon and Cambridge.

Used to hate the A1 between Peterborough and Newark. Always felt like a proper death trap.

Yeah it’s still shit

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