Favourite motorway (UK)

A3 is the best A.

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Used to enjoy the occasional cruise along the M45. Two lanes, no traffic. Basically the same as it was when it opened 50 years ago.

I have to drive from leeds to ipswich all the time. It always goes, A1 get stuck at the m180 turn off, get stuck at grantham, have to come off the a14 and drive round a load of towns around cambridge. Literally never made it in a straight run in at least 100 times no matter what time i go

Can’t believe there’s no A601(M) option.

A34 is probably the worst of the roads.

I’m actually getting angry even thinking about this

Nice thread, M9

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The M25 is the worst road on the planet. Only good for keeping that festering hovel of a city detached from the rest of the country


brimful of Ashton on the A45

Did you know the second longest road in the UK is the A38 Bodmin to Mansfield?



The bloke who lives in the M62

  • Kooky eccentric
  • Terrifying behaviour

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M6 Toll is great. Most other motorways are shit. A roads are much better

  • I drive (vrroom vrroom!)
  • I don’t

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They’re all dire and any of the ones in the south east don’t even have any nice scenery in the distance, just endless blank concrete misery

Admirably stubborn, but why the fuck would you choose to live in the middle of a (very busy) motorway?

If you love counting red cars

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Can drive but haven’t bothered in a while. Don’t really enjoy it.

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