Favourite museums



Probably the Leopoldsammlung and Kunsthalle in Vienna


Horniman Museum, London:


Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, nr Copenhagen


Oh god yes. Amazing place especially in summer. When I went I got bitten by a tick, and I was having such a nice time I didn’t even care.

Big fan of the Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde too.


Nat Hist Mus obvs

This place is good:

(Also enjoyed the museum sections of the Nou Camp and Bernabeu stadium tours @Balonz)


Couldn’t have a photo of there without the walrus.


Lol, Horniman.


Cobham Bus Museum


ooo, that looks good. Might check it out on the big Denmark trip/lego pilgrimage I’m planning for 2018.


It’s about an hour west of Copenhagen. I met up with an old work friend while I was there who had gone back home to KBN, and she recommended that I go there. Definitely thanked her for that! Roskilde is pretty nice too, if sleepy outside of festival time.


Looks very popular from your photo.


Whitby Museum!

I wrote about it here - ignore the writing, look at the photos: http://fckldn.com/the-arts/arcane-surrealist-dislocation-an-afternoon-at-the-whitby-museum/


I love local museums with weird jumbles of things in their collections.


also looks like the bisto bus is on the slide…


That’s the thrilling ride. It wobbles a bit.


then you’ll LOVE this museum



Birmingham Pen Museum. They let you have a go with the machines and make a fountain pen nib.


Yorkshire Sculpture Park

And it is a fucking museum because it won Museum of the Year 2014.


I remember going to a charmingly crap dinosaur museum on the Isle of Wight too when I was a kid.


Were you out on your quad bike last night?