Favourite museums



I went to a wedding there in the summer- great place to have it.

(You can get married at the NHM too now)


I bet that was lovely actually.

Genuinely a magical place. And there’s so much of it. I’ve been loads and I’m always discovering new things there.


The Neutral Hilk Motel?

Sounds like one for Balonz.




Memory and Human Rights Museum in Santiago, Chile. The only museum ever to bring me close to tears. There’s a lot of stuff about the dictatorship including artefacts like sculptures made by people and kids in prison but also actual implements used to torture people. It gets a bit less upsetting on the top floor, once you’ve gone through all the stages of grief there is a lot about the plebiscite to remove Pinochet and the return to democracy. It’s really interesting and well done but it gets really fucking grim. Especially as I’d just watched a football match in the national stadium the day before and there were displays about how people were rounded up there and killed.




Big fan of the viking ship museum in Oslo:



My friend’s from Halifax, so I think she’d been wanting to do it for years and years. The ceremony part was at the Unitarian place in Wakefield, and the priest (minister? I’m not sure what his job title was) kept saying things like “This hymn was written by a communist”.


Can imagine zxcvbnm in the Tina Turner role.


Yeah he’s allowed to officiate weddings now, and will sing you a song.


We had a touch of that down here as well Lonzy, not as bad as last year though when it was absolutely mental and lasted for about 10 full minutes


Did you go out on your goped?


There’s a similar one in Budapest. They kept the headquarters of the secret police which was used by both the fascist and soviet regimes, and opened it as a museum.


I stayed in the safety of my home, they were behaving extremely dangerously (doing wheelies, riding on pavements etc) and I’m just relieved no children got hurt.


Longstanton Spice Museum


Bit too abstract, by and large, but some interesting stuff.


National Railway Museum, York.

European Solidarity Centre, Gdansk.


Oh yeah, Schindlers Factory in Krakow is really well done IMO: