Favourite music art print

looks nice!

yeah the ability to change them is a plus. also i was looking at the print that @Icarus-Smicarus posted of the Dirty Three cover in this thread and the thought cross my mind that you could buy the LP for that price, rather than a piece of paper. heck maybe he already has it. hence the idea for vinyl frames

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cant play them if theyre on yr wall can you

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You don’t necessarily need to put the actual record in the frame…

You can get frames on hinges so they go straight in and out. Though I admit for that reason it does seem slightly off to see them on the wall

if anything thats worse! what do you do with the record if its not in its sleeve?

It’s only two records from my collection at any one time. I keep the records in plastic sleeves. As @littlebirds says, the back of the frame is hinged - it takes a matter of seconds to take a sleeve out.

im not very happy about this weeber


Sorry. I’ll destroy them right away.


I have mixed feelings about it for that reason. Obviously I love LPs and I love looking at them, but putting them in frames does seem to fetishise them as objects rather than as vehicles for music. Feels a bit like Ramones t-shirts in Top Shop.

Was going to ask where people buy music art prints from and you provided the answer!

Pretty much exclusively album art there though. My feeling is you could get the high res image, print it professionally and put it in a frame for less than they’ll do it for (especially once factoring in P&P)

Yeah not planning to buy the print, though it is my birthday this month so feel free to club together

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If it’s a proper great cover that works well as a piece of art in itself and is lovely to look at, like that Dirty Three one then good idea. Any album with bog standard artwork hung up just cos you like the album - not for me Clive, but can see the appeal.

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Oh I agree. It’s about the art work for me not showing that I like the LP. Though it’s also about putting some of my personality on the walls, and music and certain records are a huge part of my life. The thought process with the vinyl frames was, if I already have the LP why pay for the artwork or, alternatively, I might as well spend the money I would spend on the print on the LP and just hang that up.

Ultimately, think I’m going to buy a nice poster-sized print to do the job in hand. Still in two minds about the album artwork/vinyl thing, understand why it can be a bit naff, but also see positives to it.


I’ve got this which has some lovely posters that can be removed and framed (not that I’ve got around to doing this!)

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Buy another one and you’ve got the worlds of Sonic Youth and The Two Ronnies covered.

Re: the OP, I badly wanted this LCD poster but apparently it was sold out in minutes at the show and I contacted the designer and he had no more :frowning:


Belle and Sebastian 2006 European Tour. It’s got Stuart contemplating, Richard fishing, Beans playing with a butterfly and Stevie Jackson thinking up ways he can pitifully clone Elvis Costello B-Sides… Great print. It’s on my wall.

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I like the colour of your wall, definitely in my top 5.