Favourite music videos of 2023?

Not necessarily the song but the visuals that bring something extra to them.

Couldn’t see a thread like this and be curious to see which videos have wowed you. Started a video playlist like DiS does on Spotify if you wanna subscribe. https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PL4StaPpYs_XmX5D6EB7RmDBw93i5dILJM

The playlist kicks off with first two singles on the DiS label: The Faux Faux’s debut single with a video that’s like a love letter to north west of England (already had 25k plays) and a video JJ Eringa made in a tiny budget (most of it shot in my living room) for The Anchoress’ version of New Order’s Bizarre Love Triangle.

Also added the CMAT & John Grant video as the lighting is lush and feels like such a wonderful throwback to videos you got on 80s movies soundtracks. And Art School Girlfriend’s Real Life which made me think of staying up to watch 120 minutes.

Pretty obsessed with Mama’s Eyes by Mette and glad to see it has a classic dance meets fast cuts of archive footage videos. That’s on the playlist too.


Every shot of this just * pops *


Honestly don’t think I’ve been exposed to a single new music video this year*. I will observe this thread with interest.

*Except DJ Crazy Times ofc

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The videos which accompanied the latest Jonathan Bree album were excellent pastiches of 1980s Top of the Pops: