Favourite Nature Doc Settings

I’m all about the jungle for land based fun or coral reefs for the sea, isn’t it.


Monkeys in a city


Land: Arctic/Antarctica
Sea: Deep Sea (for the weird fishes)


Urban foxes

Shittest: birds (not a setting so I will say sky)

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Apart from maybe Birds of Paradise pricking about on the pull.

Not having that mate. That bird in the jungle who liked shiney objects in the nest so whacked a mars bar wrapper in there was great

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That can go with my general ‘birds pricking about on the pull’.

And the penguin cam programme was great

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I though this was going to be about the best TV settings to use for optimum viewing of nature docs

quite like the undergrowth
deserts are also good when you get to see some burrowing

birds are the most interesting animals though

I don’t hate birds just they are worse than mammals or amphibians or reptiles or those other guys.

Sounds like you hate birds

Penguins are barely birds. If they could talk they would say they weren’t one.


I feed the fuckers. I am friend of the bird

I reckon @anon29812515 is jealous because he doesn’t have wings. I wish I had wings!

Coral reef stuff can be quite depressing cos we’re fucking them all up with our climate change.