Favourite noise that an advert for a car makes after the car's logo comes up


I like dunf dunf… dunf from that one car brand but I think my favourite one is probably nnnnnneurgh na na from that other car brand.



Hate all of them I’m afraid, Ant, sorry.


No problems. Have a lovely evening anyway.


Only Mmm, Danone is acceptable. All other noises with logos should be wiped out, particularly McDonald’s and Intel.


I too would enjoy it if Mmm, Danone played at the end of a car advert


oh mate


I quite like the whisper of ‘Citroën’ and currently really dislike the advert that goes “it’s electric, and it’s ___” several times. Can’t remember who it’s by. Also like the Honda adverts in general but that’s its own point since I don’t remember the sound after the logo.


Mmm, Citreon