Favourite non 2022 LPs you first listened to in 2022

We’ve done this the last few years but don’t recall seeing a thread this time around…
Essentially its LPs from yesteryear you first listened to in 2022

Below is my top 40…be interested to see what avenues people found themselves wandering down for the first time last year -

The majority of the artists below I’d heard other albums or compilations of but the new-ish discoveries were

  • Eek-A-Mouse (had liked what I heard on Gideon Coe) and a knowledgeable reggae loving record shop owner in Bath put on this record for me before I went to see Slowdive that evening. Duly purchased and very much enjoyed

  • Public Image Ltd (I’ve loved the track Poptones for years and finally got round to listening to Metal Box a few months before the sad passing of Keith Levene)

  • Jackie McLean (read a good review of this re-issue; great hard bop)

-Bleach (only heard a couple of tracks on indie comps and was a little non-plussed but the C91 comp issue turned me onto Bethesda which I love and really got into the compilation of early EPs and their only LP. Not the most innovative but their shoegazey indie-rock was right up my street and probably one of the final outposts of the scene that I had not yet explored)

  • Bark Pyschosis - as a shoegazer and Talk Talk it was a matter of time and a Disser and friend’s playlists finally nudged me to listen to them properly

  • Into Paradise & The Power of Dreams - a rather random exercise of trawling the Reading 90 and 91 line-ups led me to checking out some of the hitherto unacquainted lesser-fonted artists and these two Irish bands (the former more widescreen post-punk; the latter more indie-rock) were my favourites by a long way.

-Mewithoutyou - from a Disser posting a list in the emo/hardcore thread about how strong 2002 was for the genre - thanks for that and need to check out some more of them and other Tooth & Nail artists i reckon

-Thunderstars - thanks to a fellow disser on the shoegaze thread

-Humanhands - recommendation from @Caedus with gratitude - I think this might deserve a higher placing to be fair and really enjoyed my last listen recently. This is the top 40 of about 100 great discoveries though

Finally also get the sort of fuss there used to be about the Tindersticks with a nicely curated best of (slightly surprised to see that comp on many sales lists suggesting the fuss no longer is). The Arthur Russell vinyl re-issue series finally prompted me to give him a proper listen - coincidentally my LP of the year Orlando Weeks borrows notably from Arthur Russell (and mid-era Talk-Talk - was pleased to see him say so himself in an interview as I don’t always get it right in the spot the influence game). Ini Kamoze and Big Youth were reggae names I was glad I finally found the time to explore although the aforementionned Eek-a-mouse plus the United Dreadlocks comp re-issue was my favourite discovery in that neck of the woods.

  1. The Primitives - Lovely (9.25)
  2. Breathless - Chasing Promises (9.25)
  3. Sonny Rollins - Freedom Suite (9.25)
  4. The Primitives - Lazy 86-88 (9.25)
  5. Codeine - Dessau (9.25)
  6. Sonny Rollins - Saxophone Colossus (9.25)
  7. Sonny Rollins - Sonny Boy (9)
  8. Cranes - Loved (9)
  9. Eek-a-mouse - mousketeer (9)
  10. Public Image Ltd - Metal Box (9)
  11. Cranes - Wings of joy (9)
  12. The Smiths - Meat is murder (9)
  13. Auburn Lull - Begin Civil Twilight (9)
  14. Into Paradise - Down all the days (9)
  15. The Smiths - Strangeways (9)
  16. Wedding Present - Hit Parade Vol 1 (9)
  17. Jackie McLean - Destination Out (9)
  18. Thelonious Monk w/ Sonny Rollins - Brilliant Corners (9)
  19. The Jayhawks - Best Of (9)
  20. Bleach - Bleach (9)
  21. The Primitives - Pure (9)
  22. Bleach - Killing Time (9)
  23. The chameleons - script of the bridge (8.75)
  24. The Smiths - The Smiths (8.75)
  25. Bark Psychosis (8.75)
  26. JAMC - Stoned and dethroned (8.75)
  27. V/A - United Dreadlocks vol 1 (8.75)
  28. Idaho - Three Sheets to the wind (8.75)
  29. Mewithoutyou- A to B life (8.75)
  30. Modern Nature - Island of Noise (8.75)
  31. Big Youth - Screaming Target (8.75)
  32. The Power of dreams - 1989 The best of (8.75)
  33. David Kilgour - Feather in the engine (8.75)
  34. Arthur Russell - Calling out of context (8.75)
  35. Wire - 154 (8.75)
  36. ThunderStars - Number Station (8.75)
  37. Human Hands - s/t (8.5)
  38. Tindersticks - Past Imperfect (8.5)
  39. Bridget St.John - Songs for the gentle man (8.5)
  40. Ini Kamoze - Ini Kamoze (8.5)

This was the big one for me. Thought I knew my 90s hip-hop like a fool and somehow never listened to Digable Planets. Could listen to some of tracks over and over


Hi Rauch, I’m Dad


Listening to it right now in fact

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I think Eiko might have been one of the most underrated / sadly unheard artists of the 2010s. These two records and 2014’s Car & Freezer are all brilliant.



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Listened to a single off this at the time, but never visited the album for some reason

Really got into Karate off the back of this review. Great band - all albums before this are awesome post hardcore, those afterwards are jazzy post rock.


A dub reggae classic and the highlight of my exploration into the genre last year.

Saw this listed on an “Outsider Music” playlist but I don’t know the backstory, I just hear a fun dude singing blues to some drums. “Do It Right” is my fave on the album.

Heard this on NTS one morning, recorded in prison and almost nothing else is known about White’s life, or if that’s even his real name. Lovely R&B, part of a collection of prison-recorded records that I have bookmarked somewhere for more exploring.

Singer/Drummer produced by Prince as part of the Minneapolis Sound wave. Some absolute bangers on here.

Some good old Ambient Dub. The follow-up is also great but not on streaming.


Not really a 1st listen don’t think I listened to anything old that I hadn’t heard before last year but I did rediscover Silly Sisters after not hearing it for about 20 years

Always had a soft spot for Dexys despite over exposure of the obvious song but the albums always seemed fine but just didn’t engage me emotionally. Finally heard the much maligned third album this year and it’s just fantastic


With thanks to a DiS poster who has gone anon


Nearly God; Terry Hall’s sad passing lead me to discovering this album existed, which I can’t quite believe I missed at the time of its release.

Strawberry Switchblade; I heard one of the singles either on an old TOTP episode or on 6 Music & had to check out the album.

Stereolab; In one of the first Music League rounds of 2022, a round based on Repetition, @JackLiquorice played Crest, I really liked it & it prompted me to finally give their albums a listen, these were my favourite;

Some more music league inspired album listens (thanks to @Brainfreeze & @Jamos)