Favourite NPR Tiny Desk Concerts


Please post your favourite NPR Tiny Desk sessions in this thread


Not sure why it’s not displaying, but it’s Anderson Paak
Oh now you display huh!







That julien baker one… :heart: :heart: :heart:
Did you know they specially asked her back for a new one?


First ever night time one…


I actually quite like Adele’s. Big star in a little office, shows how effortless her voice is plus her Laahndon accent and cackle between songs.


Big fan of this one by ó (was Eskimeaux)

First EOTR acts to be announced soon

Chance seems like such a sound guy and he also shouts out the Tiny Desk session below which is ace too


Neko being carried in dressed as a monkey :smiley:


Currently wondering why I’ve never properly listened to Julien Baker


That Tank & The Bangas session makes me grin ear to ear. Absolutely adore them.


Great idea for a thread. Love me some tiny desk


Chance is so cute at the start of this. :smile:


I haven’t seen this one before, this is lovely. the comments about her armpit hair are not


Honestly one of my favourite artists. Love her to pieces. Tbf, I love the vast majority of stuff on Double Double Whammy tbf.