Favourite NPR Tiny Desk Concerts


This is good stuff:

Paramore are talented. Fact.


They’re certainly not boring…


As Moses’ cheerleader on this forum, I have to post this really (but it is gorgeous and starts with about his 1,096th different live version of Doomed)


Some of my faves:


Hop Along. Ace.


Big Daddy Kane


Maybe a bit controversial to say but I loved the PWR BTTM one, thought it was really fun. About a week after I saw it everything came out about them. I won’t post it but it’s still on YouTube.

I love the Dirty Three and Big Thief one’s but they’ve obvs been posted above.


It does help that Karuna was/is my favourite track from 2017…

I hope he continues to make music, in some form :cry:





Never heard of her before - she’s fantastic!


this is def one of the best ones


Can’t seem to find their full performance but Jeebus this is really good…


the sturgill simpson one really blows me away


Also Jessie Ware

first song w jesse boyins III is beautiful


Whatever the best one was before, the best one now is surely this:


This is just great.


This is great, but didn’t you think he seemed a little bit awkward? Have seen GZA live twice - one of the best and one of the worst rap shows I’ve been to.


He’s got a reputation for being really shy and self-effacing (bizarrely if you listen to his records). One of the things I love about the clip is that he seems completely unsure what he’s doing at the beginning but by the end he’s absolutely ripping it. The band are way cool too.


I did not know this existed