Favourite NPR Tiny Desk Concerts


This is absolutely incredible, especially the second song. Proper mind-blowing stuff.

(not meant to be a reply to wonton)



Surprised this one hasn’t been posted yet. He makes those strip club anthems sound positively soulful. Great accompaniment on the keyboard to; very tasteful. Up Down in particular is great (video starts here)




The TI one is def the worst one in existence.





Very nice



Not sure if this was posted already but have been on a Vic Chesnutt binge this evening.



What an absolute legend :blush: - thank you posting - must go and see him next year


That’s a very good idea. Legend indeed. So many great songs. Liking the sound of the new one, Sunshine Rock.


just can’t stop watching this atm. so, so great.


the mac miller one, second track with thundercat