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a night shift thread

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I need clarification before I can vote - do you mean the job that my favourite people do in my office or the best general bunch of lads?


in general. shouldn’t have included other as an option :frowning:


I think it’s Admin for me, Clive. The IT guys are good but Kenny’s the only one who really talks to me.

Did anybody vote HR? Terrible bunch of lads.


like this post if other = Admin


I voted for myself


I didn’t.


Was going to post about how useless HR people are, but they’re only useless when you come into contact with them, which is typically because they fucked up and hence are useless. Good on you, non-shit HR ppl


Other: Phil


Pam Beesley


Tie between the cleaners and the staff that are on the front lines of our public service.