🗣 Favourite opening line of a song?



We haven’t done this thread in a while.

You move like I want to
To see like your eyes do


It doesn’t matter if we all die


Have you ever been close to tragedy, or been close to folks who have?


“Though majoring in Visual and Environmental Studies”

The Magnetic Fields - How I Failed Ethics


All of your friends are cunts
Your mother is a ballpoint pen thief


I don’t believe in an interventionist God,
But I know, darling, that you do.



The police are gonna wound me
The minister will heal me
But I think he’ll do it equally violently


I fear that I am ordinary just like everyone


I heard they were taming the shrew
I heard the shrew was you


Fuck you! I wanna fuck you

No Teeth Thumbs Up by GFJD


Jesus fucking Christ, oh God no


Bruce hated puppies
He thought they ran like fannies


Oh say I’m not the only one to fill with trepidation
Walking across the forecourt of the fire station


I’ve got a page one story buried in my yard
I’ve got a troubled mind


Good one. I’ve always enjoyed this:

They came from the conference facility
Where they’d largely ignored jugs of water


It was the biggest cock you’d ever seen
And you’d no idea where that cock had been
I thought you were careful
You always were with me
You said you did four time that night
But Johnnies come in packs of three.


Son, I’m thirty
I only went with your mother ‘cos she’s dirty




In 1984 I was hospitalized for approaching perfection


first one I thought of!