Favourite paintings



Not actually my no 1 favourite Schiele, but most of the others are pretty NSFW

Basquiat- definitely one of those paintings that look better in real life than a photo- it’s huge when you see it in person, about 4m long and there’s different layers of colour

Remedios Varo- less well known Surrealist

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Wish I had an answer for this


Good thread!

Not sure I have a fave painting which is making me question myself.

Might be this series:


Barnett Newman’s Stations Of The Cross

This is the first one in the series:

What would be your favourite artworks then?

Maybe cliched but

but also

And any van gogh’s tbh


mahoosive fan of Egon Schiele too.

probably this though


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You’re going to have to enrol on 4 years of art school now, and then come back with an answer.


Do you ever think Casper David Friedrich got fed up of painting mist and fog?


Again - not sure about a favourite (other than really obvious stuff like Edward Hopper).

The last painting I saw that made a memorable impact was this one (when I went to the National Portrait Gallery in June):


Sounds like a whole thing.

I purchased this about two years ago, does that count:


This is almost a companion piece



L’origin du monde


maybe once.


Seaside - Lim Yew Kuan

Been liking John Martin stuff a fair bit recently as well.


I went to a place in Madrid and documented all the dogs from the paintings once, do they count?


[quote=“marckee, post:5, topic:6489”]
Barnett Newman’s Stations Of The Cross[/quote]
Never heard of him/her but that’s quality.

Paintings which make a big impact on me are few and far between but I could’ve stared at this Pollock for hours.


Malevich’s black square on the cover there is pretty eerie when you see it in real life. I went to the exhibition at the Tate a little while ago, and they had it hung in it’s original presentation. Public buildings in Russia in those days used to have a religious icon hung in a corner by the ceiling, and he hung a big black square up there instead at his show as a kick in the face at the church, which is why people made such a fuss about it at the time.