Favourite pop punk song

Actually, this has obviously been played to death but still fucking great


Thanks for clearing up what’s right and wrong in this opinion-based thread.

jeez just saying what me fave song off that album was

Where’s the line between emo and pop punk?

Anyway, this one’s the best song.


Look it’s been at least 17 years since I was able to start pop punk based beeves, I can’t help getting carried away!

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  • Blink 182 are the best pop punk band for singles
  • Other (please show your workings)

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  • All Killer No Filler by Sum 41 is the best pop punk album
  • Other (please show your workings)

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  • Green Day are the best live pop punk band
  • Other (please show your workings)

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What was the best song from popular punk rock album, Smash by popular punk rock band, The Offspring?


My actual favourite might be this. Concise banger.

Does this count?


my mum loves this song

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dunno if i’d call this pop punk but i hadn’t heard it before and i’m enjoying it so far :+1:


I was walking around work whistling the whistley part to this just the other day!

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Then your mum has good taste in pop punk.

Get a deep melancholy with listening to early Blink 182 and them being in their forties now. More than any other bands defined by their youthfulness, dunno why

Wife’s favourite genre is pop punk and yet she doesn’t like Lifetime. Should I get a divorce?

  • Leave her immediately
  • I also prefer the works of Blink 182 and think Lifetime is old man music for old men

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I think it does. My favourite pop punk album as well.

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Workings - I have listened to the Offspring…

Come Out and Play
Self Esteem
I want you bad
Gotta Get Away

…and not Singles but Staring at the Sun and Americana’s title track are both pretty blistering too.

They did release some shite though.

saw them at Leeds 2011 and they were so dull, it was so disappointing

I saw them at Reading in 03 or 04 - spent the whole time crowd surfing. Great gig.