Favourite pub in London?

explain why please.

The Blythe Hill Tavern

Because it’s the best


Used to be The Mucky Pup.

Now that’s gone I have no idea. There’s too many.

That Fullers one upstairs at Paddington. Has a magic that I cant describe. You’ve arrived in London! Have a pint! You’re leaving London? Have a pint!


This isn’t far from me.

look a bit real ale twattish though (?)

The Old Fountain. Somehow manages to be in the middle of Old Street/Shoredtich and not be awful. Amazing beer. Great food. Roof terrace. Fish tank. Live music sometimes. Friendly staff. Looks like a proper pub. Only problem is people actually seen to go there these days, was much better when it was always empty about 6 or 7 years ago.


It’s not. And if it is, I’m sure there’s a pitcher and piano somewhere for you

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Mother Kellys Bethnal green, great fridge

was in there the other night and fuck me it is expensive. £5 for a HALF of <5% Wylam beer. that is an actual disgrace.

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I don’t like it as much since they did the refurb sadly.


very decent array of drinks, normally two rotating ales plus other regulars (always harvey’s best and darkstar’s hophead). a lovely pint of guinness if that’s your thing (it’s an irish pub), plus lagers and craft stuff in cans. also shitloads of cider. very reasonable prices.

thursdays they have trad irish music where musicians just rock up and play. last week a lady with a harp arrived (!)

good beer garden (sometimes ruined by kids, but what can you do). they show sports and it can get very busy when ireland are playing.

landlord is a lovely lovely fella.

they have a pizza van outside on most thurs and friday nights, and in the summer sometimes a BBQ. other than that, no food apart from the silly range of crisps and nuts.

ah shit this has made me realise that the Stormbird is probably the correct answer. sorry Stormbird. Old Fountain can be second favourite.


Queen Vic cos it’s the only one I know

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stormbird is excellent isn’t it


The Cock Tavern

Good sludge supply, variety of good food nearby you can bring in, full of dejected ex-hipsters (my people)


Sadly just outside London in Borehamwood Hertfordshire.

Which one?

Don’t think it’s any more expensive than the equivalent bars in Manchester and Leeds

I wouldn’t call Mother Kelly’s a pub.

Not sure what I would call it. But it’s not a “pub” in my book.

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Nice reply thanks.
@rich-t take note

I’m partial to a bit o’ the old fiddle-de-dee, and a drop of dark beer.
Sounds good