Favourite pub in London?

Still London

Bar/Pub same thing.

Somewhere where you get booze and sit in and drink it

I’m taking note don’t worry, but if you’re going to be dismissing pubs because they look a bit “real ale twattish” then I can’t help you

But it’s great and you should definitely get yourself in there.


not sure, it was a DDH pale. ignored it cos of the price. it was around £6 for a half of a lot of other 7-8% beers - that’s at least £2+ more than most DIPAs in the Stormbird. just think they’re a bit like Craft Beer Co. and are intent on ripping off customers.

I mean extremely loud kids running about screaming

I mean, it’s literally just outside the border, but it’s all good. :+1:

what about their pale ale selection please…

hophead’s a pale ale

they have camden’s pale ale on too

Actually Craft Beer Co in Angel is in my top 5 London boozers. Love that place.

Don’t necessarily think they’re too much of a rip off either (at least their pricing structure is clear) but then I tend to drink lower strength stuff anyway.


this is the Social Board Pub


AND I MEAN FO,M :rage::rage::rage:

My kids are actually well behaved angels obvs…

Great now I can NEVER go back.

Lots of people love on Stormbird. I like it well enough, but 9 times out of 10 would probably choose The Hermit’s Cave over it…

these days i am just incredibly picky about what beers i drink if i go and am spending money. when you have easily top 3 beer lineups in London at any time in the Stormbird there’s absolutely no way I’m drinking a Lagunitas over the road. think I’ve actually only been in the Hermits twice, both times for football.

Just looked at todays beer list and the prices are more or less identical to port st in manchester and north in leeds.

Better selection than both though.

The house pale and lager look like the only 2 that are overpriced for me

Yeah even in beer wanker terms MK takes the piss

Queen Adelaide - Bethnal Green
Retro Bar - Charing Cross
Southampton Arms - Kentish Town
Balham Bowls Club - Balham
Cock Tavern - Kennington


fair, definitely stands out to me in London. also their fridge selection is massively overpriced. in the Stormbird I regularly pay less for the a can of Cloudwater/Verdant/NM etc. than I do for the exact same beer in Hop Burns & Black, which makes no sense. maybe the Hermits Cave offsets the price of the Stormbird, who knows.

Southampton Arms NW5
The Traf SW19
Salisbury N4
Black Lion E9
Speaker SW1

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oh god! my last credit card bill was pretty much just a list of drinks spends at that place