Favourite shampoo. bath or shower gel

I quite like the body shop shampoos at the moment.

I absolutely love whatever’s on offer when I go to the shop


Aesop, obviously.

Original Source, it smells so good that I wish it was edible


Currently on massive bottles of green Imperial Leather, £1 down Poundstretcher.

it smells good, but then as soon as you step out of the shower the smell is weirdly gone



Was washing myself with stuff once thinking about what it’d be like if you ate/drank some. (tingly scrote)

Whatevers on offer (which the last fuck-knows how many times has been this stuff and I bulk buy it):

I’m beginning to think it’s making the skin on my upper arms dry and itchy though but I’ve got shitloads of bottles to get through.

When we stay at my girlfriend’s pal’s she’s got that aussie formula stuff and tbf its pretty nice and you think ‘ooh maybe we should get this like we’re not poor or anything we can splash out’ then you see how much it costs and realise people are fucking mugs and get the £1 jobbies again


I use Dove shower gel, Pantene shampoo, and Original Source shower gel after a run (nice to smell different in the evening).

All of this is vital information.

Anything coconut scented. Everyone goes mad for the coconut.

the mint one feels really odd on your balls though (apparently)

I prefer the fruity ones myself

Shower Gel - Liz Earle 4 men
Shampoo - Aussie Mega

yeah, it does, one of those real life dissing times for me in the shower one day. Apparently it was theo that first mentioned it on here, so when it happens to me now in the shower, I think of him.

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Two small bottles for £7 or something, that Aussie stuff, isn’t it? Insania.

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have recently moved from:


Radox shower gel, but not the “For Men” one because it smells really musty and that’s what I’m trying to avoid by showering, YSCs.

Head and Shoulders combined shampoo/conditioner, because I have to.

Pantene shampoo because it makes my hair nice, Alberto Balsam conditioner because it’s cheap.