Favourite smell

Freshly laid tarmac

Both strongly linked to childhood summers.


there’s something deeply satisfying about the smell of one’s own farts

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fresh cut grass
roasted pine nuts
smoked bacon

and, not sure how to put this sensitively but

the sweet honey of the lady hive

100% ^this
Love tarmac and creosote

This stuff

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Nail varnish.

You can get petrichor candles to replicate that smell.

My favourites are those that remind me of summers as a kid, like a lot of those mentioned, so freshly cut grass, creosote, tarmac etc.

I also really like the smell of sawdust - I like how a room smells of it for a day after you put up an Ikea unit.

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Spring/Autumn dawn
Marble halls (you know, in old fashioned airports or apartment buildings)
Football pitch smell on a cold evening

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Reminds me of home.



burger van with the onions

Something about a good onion smell that makes me instantly hungry, its like someone gently punching me in the stomach


fresh basil
freshly cut grass
freshly baked bread
tomatoes slow roasting in the oven with garlic, balsamic and olive oil

jack frost nipping at your nose


Bacon or petrol or a match that’s just gone out.

also love the smell of firelighters

another vote for davidoff cool water

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reminds me of my allergies lol

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Probably best not to try the last two at the same time

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