Favourite soundtracks

That’s interesting. I’m watching The Knick at the moment and was wondering about the slightly unlikely electronic interludes. Will check the soundtrack out for sure.

It was definitely one of my favourite aspects of the show, that being the slightly jarring quality of the electronic music in a period piece.

Hope you enjoy the show though! Not many people seemed to watch it which is a real shame.

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Give Pat Doyle’s Thor soundtrack a listen. It’s extremely strong but it’s been somewhat forgotten/ignored as it’s an older movie and hasn’t had the attention of the bigger summer tentpoles like Avengers or BvS. I’d happily rate it as the best of the Marvel studio OSTs. The main theme/leitmotif is sublime.

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the track they’ve just shared is amazing!

Cave of Forgotten Dreams by Ernst Reijseger and Jed Kurzel’s Macbeth scores are two of my favourites from the last few years. I usually struggle with scores due to the ‘40+ tracks of 12 second incidental music’ type problems, but these both work brilliantly as albums. Dickon Hinchliffe’s Winter’s Bone score is excellent too, although a bit short.

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Gas Food Lodging - J Mascis