Favourite straight white men of all time?


Since they seem to be getting a bad press at the moment.

My top 10:
10. Jeremy Corbyn
9. Eddie, the work experience lad from Southern Rail
8. Scott Arfield
7. Uri Geller
6. Simon Le Bon
5. Ignacio Garrido
4. Stuart Murdoch
3. Graeme Swann
2. Arnold Schwarzenegger

  1. Yohan Cabaye


classic @Tilly


Knew just from seeing the title this would be a MPBH post


i am 90% he’s a bot


as a straight white man, can i just say i’m disgusted by the horrible discrimination shown in that tweet. when will people start treating us straight white men with basic dignity and respect?




Time to go


can you actually stop being a jerk and fuck off





Read the comments Dan


All of the people in your list are rubbish


honestly thought you were about 15 years old


Eddie is a traitor to the public. Southern Rail are hated by so many travellers and commuters, and for good reason. And along comes this kid helping to improve their image. What they need to do is improve the service they provide to their customers, who seem to be paying more and more each year for a shoddy service. But instead they have a kid working for free or on the cheap helping them to get away with being crap. Fuck Eddie.


I’m 99% sure i’d think you were a twat in real life, sorry to say. And i can only really say that about one or two other people who use this website.


I’m not going to look too negatively on that, because that is a refreshingly honest statement.

For another refreshingly honest statement, from myself, click here.


Yes. It’s a very British thing to do, trying to paper over obvious cracks by being “quaint”, “quirky”, “ironic”, or “eccentric.”

If any of you reply “WEL JUST LIKE U MPBH LOL” I will report you to the relevant authorities.