Favourite Summer Outdoor Sitting/Lying Thing

  • Sun Lounger
  • White plastic chair
  • Deck chair
  • Low deck chair
  • Outdoor beanbag
  • Hammock
  • Bench
  • Rattan sofa
  • Blanket
  • Camping chair
  • Swing seat
  • Love Bench
  • Wall
  • Tree
  • Squatting
  • Those high backed wooden chairs with arms and cushions on
  • Those bum grid chairs so beloved by jez_i

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Please debate.


You have never had to sit down outside? Extraordinary!

I do not like to sit outside. I like inside better.

Hammock on paper, but in practice too hard to get in/ out of. And takes up too much space

in reality it’s a deck chair

Think I’m gonna get myself a couple

Yes but if you have to sit outside… oh, forget it!

After you’ve clearly went to considerable effort with the poll as well

I was just about to cough up the funds to have the Netrunner licence renewed as well!

Yo Lonzoid.

I prefer the kind of wooden chair that comes with a garden table. You know the kind I mean.

And if you don’t here’s a picture of mine covered in snow. From yesterday (ahahahaha, just a joke).

Is my kind of chair in your poll? I’m not sure that it is. Wtf?

Kind Regards


It is made of wood so you could go tree? Or maybe the high backed one?

A complete set like that was fly tipped near where I live earlier this week.

This is very similar to the set I have (only without the snow, aha hahaha ha).

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Hmm, I like to be much more specific than that as I go through life.

I may have to not vote in this particular poll.

I hope that’s ok.

My outdoor furniture does not match any of the above. Should have had an option for “Other”, obviously.

Yes that is fine.

I have been debating whether to get one of these after seeing them in squires:


Please use tree. Also is the garden furniture you have your favourite?

woke from a dream this morning where I was meant to about to eat pizza, but had to sort two muppets out, who were about to install a water feature into a hammock, but like a stone water fountain type feature, not a nice cooling spray or something. clearly the stone water fountain would be beyond the maximum allowable mass of the hammock, but they weren’t having any of it. I woke up before i could get back to my pizza, which is a bit of a shame.

the fuck kind of poll is this

“oh do you mind if i sit on the wall? did anyone else want to sit on the wall? i’m happy to go on the lounger if it’s a fucking problem”

Sometimes a wall can be a great vantage point.

all in all you’re just another prick

Wow that is very clever because of a band called Pink Floyd!