Favourite System of a Down Song

  • Chop Suey!
  • Toxicity

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BYOB for me, Clive.

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Highway Song

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aye this 100%

Literally only ever heard chop suey , so that.



X cause its the shortest one lol

How has no one mentioned ATWA

(I voted Chop Suey but can’t really pick just one)

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Suite pee. Have we ever done a ‘bands who never topped the first song on their first album’ thread? Biffy Clyro too.

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Yeah we have, I think the answer was stone roses IIRC

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The Killers and possibly Arcade Fire

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Archers of Loaf

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Only bands people have heard of allowed

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Fuck off they wrote the archetypal 90s college/slacker song

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This is perfectly timed, because I was listening to Steal This Album earlier and I remembered how much I love it. Highway Song - awesome. Streamline/Snowblind - epic. ADD - mega. Fucking love this record, this and the self-titled are both amazing.

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You seem to take yourself quite seriously huh

Chic N Stu