Favourite talk show etc podcasts

My two faves are The Frank Skinner show and Help I sexted my boss.

I also sometimes listen to Giles Coren has no idea as a guilty pleasure.

Currently binging on Well There’s Your Problem which is about engineering disasters and if you have it on YouTube rather than podcast apps there’s a slideshow :nerd_face: . Got into it as the main guy has a boring voice and goes into too much detail on things i dont understand, I thought it’d help me sleep but i got really into it. The Titanic one was like nearly 6 hours long. Absolutely loved it, listened twice. Gimme more diagrams of pistons or whatever. Really wish it was the one guy though as the other hosts irritate me a fair bit.

Other current hyperfocuses inc. Florida and Disney style utopia towns - your Epcots and Celebrations (there’s a good podcast called the Tomorrow Society which is nerds who like attractions and theme parks and planning, again when i say good, this is my next getting to sleep podcast), shopping mall culture (great episode about malls on Decoder Ring) and really enjoying Ghost Church (jamie loftus) about American spiritualism/seances and whatnot. Am trying to get into Wind of Change about the CIA writing the Scorpions song as propaganda.

Anyway, i think I’ve misunderstood the thread as none of these are really talk show style.

(Have also discovered the Great Courses included on audible and just listened to 30 hours of lectures about the Tudors)


Ha, feel similarly with Well There’s Your Problem. I like it, listen to it on and off. The main guy has a very good vibe, Alice I generally enjoy (also on other podcasts), but Liam not so much. Sometimes I can’t be arsed with it because of that

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the boring guy we all like off wtyp used to do a YouTube channel called donoteat where he used cities skyline to talk about the politics of urban planning and stuff by creating a fictional town. absolutely loved that shit, couldn’t get into the podcast as much


Liam is awful and shouts over Alice all the time. He’s got such macho podcast energy. I do usually like Alice, she knows so much stuff but i just love Justin’s voice/accent and style. I could listen to him all day. Tell me more about the size of threads on a load bearing screw.

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Yeah i keep meaning to check that out. Sounds ideal but I’m sure when i looked there were hardly any of them and i was hoping for a big backlog

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Totally off topic here, but there’s a YouTube channel called “City Planner Plays” which is just a city planner playing skylines and I love it so much. The guy just has such a lovely vibe and I could watch him play the game for hours, makes me feel really good about the world for reasons I can’t fully explain.


Kevin Nash podcast

Crunch and Crumble

He brings the tone of bitter aggression that we all love* to hear.

*do not love

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I love a good hate watch tbf so using the term ‘Talk show’ loosely

Jeremy Vine
This Morning
Politics Live
Stephs Packed lunch

Grilling JR
Kurt Angle Podcast
Offline with Jon Favreau

Top half are iin the backgroud when working, bottom half i normally make about 15/20mins then fall asleep.

Barely slept last night so finally started watching. I wish he was my pal that i could call up and ask to explain things to me. The only trouble is i dont have anywhere near enough knowledge to be like “oooooh! Now i get it, mercantalism is x y z”. I have to pause and go down many less accessible rabbit holes.

I can now also see why this isnt an ongoing many hundreds of episodes sort of thing!

Might start a Justin fan club.

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Tried a Do Not Eat yesterday as a result of this thread, and wow, it’s such a different, calmer feel when it’s solo Justin.

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The more I’m getting up to date with episodes, the worse Liam is getting. The shouting over Alice thing is so bad. I listened to one last night where he was eating skittles audibly and rustling the bag :melting_face: Going to have to stop listening and just watch his youtube on loop.

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