Favourite thing that grows in soil

:broccoli: :potato: etc e

Potato and it’s not even close.




There are so many that I will use categories

Big thing: trees! My brother grew a tree in our garden from a cutting and it is about 7 years old, it is very humbling to know that huge trees grew from a seed or cutting and hang out in the soil for centuries

Tasty thing: root vegetables, I don’t think I can adequately describe the joy I felt first picking beetroots and carrots and the anticipation for what size they would be and how delicious they would be. Love that their leafy bit is just there and the good part is safely underground growing and thriving, love that for them

Beautiful thing: one student house I lived in had a patch of tiny wild strawberries and forget me nots growing in a patch and it was really one of the prettiest things I ever saw, I took photos of it a lot on my ipod that had a camera but I lost those photos now, but it was really really charming and beautiful, forget me nots are my 2nd favourite flowers after roses and before tree blossoms


I like leeks when they’re too big

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Very large vegetables used to unnerve me (GM scares, lowkey phobia of unusually big things) but I like them now

I know an old man who grows the biggest leeks. I should go visit but, Covid

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Yes. Nothing better!

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don’t really know what soil is. none of the descriptions of it seem satisfactory to me

Yeah. It’s mushrooms for me, Clive

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Yeah it has to be trees. Trees are so beautiful and calming, like when you are anxious and then you walk into like a park or a little trail and it’s shaded by trees and there’s that little barky woody smell and the slight shimmer sound of the leaves and how the sunlight creates patterns on them. Then there’s the poetic aspect of looking at a big old tree and thinking about who might have been there before sitting under it or playing around it and how it will be there after you are gone, just silently growing and existing. Wonderful

Not what I expected that word to mean



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hopes and dreams