Favourite things to do with Lentils?

Made a lentil salad today, just banged a load of stuff in with the lentils. Really enjoyed them.

Favourite thing to do with Lentils?



also love a dahl and a lentil & bacon soup

Got a thread you’ll be able to contribute in coming up! (Not that you can’t contribute in any of the others)

Great! I’m looking forward to it!

Made this at the weekend, was good:

There’s a indian cafe near the main train station in Vienna that does great dhal. It’s a big, big relief if I’ve spent five days up in the mountains where all the vegetarian food involves dumplings and cream (possibly pumpkin when they’re being adventurous) to have something spicy.

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All the legumes, or just lentils?

My gf’s Nan makes a superb one, she is constantly cooking and her kitchen smells like the most amazing Indian restaurant every time we go round. It’s great.

(Had some fantastic dhal at Babur on Friday as well)

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Love a lentil.

Tell you what are quite good if you don’t have much time, those Merchant Gourmet ready to go puy lentil pouches. Although they are £2 a pack.

It’s generally best to avoid being dead/in A&E puffed up like a balloon unable to breathe.

At least you’re not denied falafel.


Austria/neighbouring countries (aside from Hungary) are not good at spicy food. You go to a Thai or Indian restaurant, even in Vienna, and the menu will warn you “extremely spicy”. And then it’s barely even got any spice on it.

Rick Stein has been jaunting his way around Europe on BBC 2 last week or so, his trip to Vienna looked frankly awful from a food point of view.

They are good - as are some of the Jamie Oliver ones.

Yeah it’s not the top for the main meals. I mean it’s not like I eat badly there, but really their strength is cake.

The best thing is when you get sent to a small town, and you’re in a guesthouse run by the family of one of the kids you teach, and there always seems to be some kind of resident elderly relative who wants to continually ply you with endless food and cake. They’re good with vegetarians, but it will all have dairy in.

This one looked sensational:

Yeah Sachertorte is great, but that real version from the Sacher hotel is like €10 a slice or something. I had the real one once as an experience, but it wasn’t dramatically better than the €2-3 version in other cafes. Lots of places do a variation with cranberry rather than apricot filling, and that’s my absolute favourite.

(Did you try baking one in the end @Sketches?)