Favourite translated idioms and insults

I’d be surprised if we hadn’t done this thread before but saw this (similar to an account I follow on Insta that sometimes shares translations) and now want to know more examples from the DiS hivemind


The other languages bit of this is great

  • Italian: Volere la botte piena e la moglie ubriaca – To want the barrel full (of wine) and the wife drunk.

Italians are my spirit animal.


Not wanting to question the wisdom of the Greeks, but there’s sounds like a possibly stressful situation


This is the insta account I was thinking of (some of it is bad dad jokes) (often so bad I nose laugh)

There was a really good thread on the old forums about these, but we don’t tend to link to those now (there’s nothing bad in there, so I could post the link if people want)

My contribution was a Japanese one:

‘mekuso hanakuso wo warau’ = eye bogies laughing at nose bogies = the pot calling the kettle black

Not quite the same but I once saw a list of Danish insults translated back into English, and my favourite was “I will lay you down and place a turd on your belly.”


It’s Thursday after all

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A handful of Dutch classics:

  • Now my clog breaks
  • What do I have hanging on my bike now?
  • That’s not how we got married
  • I am the cigar
  • That kite won’t fly
  • An accident is in a small corner
  • Behave as if your nose bleeds
  • Those are haemorrhoids with whipped cream
  • They are walking the sides off
  • Keeping an eye in the sail
  • It costs me a rib out of my body
  • You can suck a point on it
  • She is as sure as a bank
  • He sees no further than his nose is long
  • I want to sleep a night over it
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In Mexican Spanish, when you ask what’s up, you can say: “¿Que pedo?” which means “what’s farting?”

I also like in Hindi and Urdu “the third wheel” is “Kebab mein haddi”- you’re the bone in the kebab.

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The Vanity Fair slang videos are great for this kind of thing.