Favourite UK labels?


Current or in general. Looking for a few new bands to get my teeth into.



Not exactly small but:

Erased tapes
Planet mu


Also, modern love.


Fat Cat


Yeah, 4AD. Also, Fortuna Pop as a smaller British label. Shane that they’re winding up.


Faux Discx


Upset The Rhythm


Big Scary Monsters


Fat Cat
Chemikal Underground
Erased Tapes
Static Caravan





Ghost Box


A few have already been mentioned - Chemikal Underground, Fat Cat, Domino, Erased Tapes. Although they’re not exactly small, Warp and Ninja Tune put out a lot of exceptional stuff. Always keep an eye on Gringo, Sonic Cathedral and Trashmouth Records amongst smaller labels.


Forgot to add, Stolen Recordings are always worth checking on too.


Leaf Label


Bella Union


Sonic Cathedral
Art is Hard

Always something interesting on those two.


Has to be Factory in general - the whole haphazard way they got such works of beauty on to the shelves of record shops. I still look at my New Order 12"s from the mid-80s, up to the ‘Technique’ and just admire them…
Honourable mention to Mute; always artist driven and the big acts like Depeche Mode, Moby, Erasure, Yazoo, Richard Hawley, Nick Cave, and now New Order, has kept them going, despite the digital age.


In addition to what’s already been said, Rocket Recordings